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Β£5 off you’re next groom when you recommend WoofleyJubbley to a friend

Please quote 5AUG19 when booking 

(Only applys after recommended friend attends their groom)

Full grooms only

About Woofley Jubbley

About Woofley JUbbley


Woofley Jubbley is based in the DN4 area of Doncaster. We believe in a  high  β€˜quality not quantity’, personalised service. 

Your furry friends are an important part of lives and we understand that each dog is different and should be treated accordingly. 

Nervous Dogs


All dogs are welcome at Woofley Jubbley, large, small or somewhere inbetween.

Some of our canine friends maybe wary, timid or just nervous when visiting a grooming salon.  Our salon is a quiet, calm environment and our one dog only service, means all dogs are treated in a respectful, calm and loving manor during their visit. 

Personalised Service


Each visit to Woofley Jubbley will involve a Health check and a consultation with the owner.  Though alot of grooms are β€˜standard’,  we believe that you dog should be groomed in a β€œstyle that suits both the owner and dogs lifestlyle